What is your Hero's Journey?
Anything is possible. Let me show you why.

What is it that you want?  

You've found your own way, or are deeply inspired to.

You do not fit the status quo, but where to go with that realization?  


We will piece it all together:  the past, the present, and the future.

You can have it all: in life, business, relationships, and spirituality.



I am the proof you need. 

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Let me show you why. 
So, What do you really want?
Most people never stop to ask themselves this painfully simple question.
Furthermore, few are ever encouraged to pursue their passions. 
As a result, they end up living predictable lives by default as opposed to design.
They go to school. They get the job. They have the kids.
They learn to survive without ever really living,
and end up leading lives with little meaning or satisfaction. 
Don't make the same mistake.
We live in a day and age with more choices available
than ever before. It is our duty to honor them. 
discover what's possible.
Book a complimentary call with me today.  
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Dave is a wizard. He will show you a side of yourself you are not used to seeing, then call you forth to be your greatest self. Mind blowing.

Bob C

I quadrupled my income in four months.

Hire this man now!

Jenn C

Each conversation with Dave inspires, empowers, and energizes me for the entire week. Thanks to him I'm pursuing passions and achieving goals like never before.

Brit H

"I hired Dave Kehnast as a coach in January of 2016. It was, hands down, the best investment I've ever made in myself. 
My focus in working with him was my career. I was successful, but felt stuck and didn't know what to do or how to do it. After a few months, I started my own consulting business, something that was never on my radar. My income quadrupled and I began leading a life that I intentionally designed, versus a life by default. 
As a result of working with Dave, everything in my life has improved tenfold, not just my career but my relationships and my overall experience of life. 
I can't recommend Dave enough. The experience was so valuable that when our first contract was up, I re-hired him."


"I engaged Dave as a Business/Life Coach to help me get past some difficulties I was having growing my small business, as well as some personal matters that had me, well, stuck. The 16 week coaching we did together was transformational and enlightening. I recommend Dave to anyone that feels they just need a nudge in the right direction to get really going in their personal and professional lives. You'll get way more than a nudge. He'll put you in touch with the possibilities in your life and career. Priceless... " 


"I began my coaching with Dave Kehnast in December of 2014 after meeting him through a friend. We had an informal coffee to chat about my business goals and life goals. I had been feeling stuck in both my business and my personal life and after my first meeting with Dave, I felt he was the right coach to help guide me out of the eddy I was in and into a thriving life and business.


I worked with Dave once a week for 6 months and it was a fantastic investment. Dave is, above all, extraordinarily easy to talk to. He is human and authentic and relatable. Our coaching sessions were always very powerful and usually also very, very funny. He was organized, prompt, prepared, and always very present with me. He set tasks for me to accomplish and had high expectations for me, which ultimately I really appreciated. He helped me to recognize the power I had and through the course of my coaching with him, I found myself moving from a place of frustration and lack of direction, to a place where I not only found my belief reignited but I also started once again taking action to move forward. My business activity increased, I added a new teammate to my business for the first time in many months, I found clarity in personal relationships and made some wonderful new ones. With Dave’s guidance, I identified the ways in which I would avoid doing tasks that intimidated me and I used his techniques to create structure in my life that would keep me from avoiding the things that scared me. As a result, I found the confidence that I’d been missing and began growing my business.


I have only great things to say about Dave and would recommend him highly to anyone looking to make some serious changes it their business or personal lives."



Dave Kehnast

Encinitas, CA

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